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Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.


Kris has always been a beautiful person but she never liked her excess overjet, the spaces between her teeth, or the fact that they were rotated and crooked. She was not interested in surgery to advance her lower jaw, but was interested in seeing what light-force, low-friction orthodontics (such as the Damon® System) could do for her smile. With help from the Bruner Orthodontic team, in just a little over 18 months, Kris corrected her class II overjet into a nearly perfect result!


Traditional orthodontic treatment planning included extractions or jaw surgery to correct Mari’s class III underbite and anterior openbite (where the front teeth don’t come together). With careful treatment planning and excellent patient cooperation, Dr. Bruner and Mari worked together to achieve an unbelievably great result! Mari was ecstatic and her smile has never looked better or been healthier!


Brett was entering high school and was not happy with his smile. In fact, he really didn’t want braces. During his comprehensive orthodontic evaluation, we noted that his teeth were crowded and his lower jaw was ahead of his upper jaw. Dr. Bruner developed a treatment plan and in 18 months of orthodontic treatment, we were able to correct his crowding, make his bite ideal, and provide him with an amazing smile. In his words, he was “stoked about his teeth!”


Mina came to our office hoping for Invisalign® treatment to correct her Class III underbite and anterior open bite. Traditionally, this is a difficult case and only treatable with braces. Dr. Bruner and Dr. Helgen have tremendous experience and expertise utilizing Invisalign for the treatment of difficult cases. Working together, we able to achieve a beautiful, functional, and healthy result without braces!


Like most teenagers, Frances wasn’t thrilled about the idea of braces. Dr. Bruner and Dr. Helgen work tirelessly to communicate and motivate our patients to achieve great results. In just 16 months of orthodontic treatment, Frances had a near-perfect smile.


When the upper jaw and teeth are ahead of the lower jaw and teeth, this is called a class II bite. In Gina’s case, traditional orthodontics may have involved headgear or the extraction of pre-molars to allow her bite and teeth to be corrected. We always diagnose our cases with the facial profile and aesthetics in mind. We knew we did not want to extract teeth in Gina’s case, and she told us she wouldn’t wear headgear. In just 18 months, we were able to correct Gina’s bite with Damon Braces and light, early elastic wear. Gina loves her smile, and it is as beautiful as she is!


Class III cases, where the lower teeth and jaw are ahead of the upper jaw, are often the most difficult to treat. Not only was Courtney’s lower jaw ahead of her upper jaw, but one of her upper canines was impacted horizontally in the floor of her maxillary sinus. Through careful diagnosis and treatment planning, Dr. Bruner was able to bring Courtney’s canine in and achieve a perfect result that was aesthetic, functional, and healthy!


As a class II adult, Danielle just wanted to have a great smile and to correct her crowding. During her diagnosis and treatment planning, Dr. Bruner was able to tell Danielle that her treatment could be completed with Damon Braces and elastics. In 17 months, Danielle achieved a smile that was more broad, perfectly aligned, and showed more teeth when she smiled.

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