March 18, 2024

Elevating Orthodontic Care with Nutrition in Redmond

At Bruner Orthodontics, with our locations proudly serving the Redmond and Duvall communities in WA, we understand that effective orthodontic treatment is more than just aligners and braces. As we observe National Nutrition Month, we're eager to underscore the vital connection between nutrition and orthodontic health. Our commitment is to equip our patients with knowledge that empowers them to make dietary choices enhancing their orthodontic journey and overall dental well-being.

Key Nutritional Strategies for Orthodontic Patients

The path to a successful orthodontic outcome is significantly influenced by diet. Our experts at Bruner Orthodontics stress the importance of a nutrient-dense diet, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining strong teeth and supporting bone health. We provide personalized advice on integrating these nutrients into your daily meals, ensuring your diet promotes not just oral health but also the stability and success of your orthodontic appliances.

Adapting Your Diet for Orthodontic Success

Life with orthodontic appliances doesn't mean your diet has to be bland or restrictive. We're here to guide you on how to adjust your food choices to protect your braces or aligners while still enjoying a rich and varied diet. From identifying foods to avoid to suggesting delicious, orthodontic-friendly alternatives, Bruner Orthodontics is your partner in navigating dietary adjustments throughout your treatment.

The Crucial Role of Hydration in Orthodontic Health

Hydration is a key but often neglected aspect of oral and orthodontic health. Our team emphasizes the importance of regular water intake for its multiple benefits, including promoting oral cleanliness and aiding in the proper function of orthodontic appliances. We offer tips and strategies to ensure you're staying well-hydrated, supporting your orthodontic care and overall health.


Bruner Orthodontics, serving the Redmond and Duvall areas, is dedicated to offering a holistic approach to orthodontic treatment, recognizing the significant role that nutrition plays in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. By embracing our nutritional guidelines, you're not only enhancing the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment but also investing in your long-term oral health. Let us guide you through incorporating nutritious dietary practices into your lifestyle, setting the stage for a successful orthodontic journey and a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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